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Teacher And School Mentorship

I bring my experience as a teacher and director of a homeschool program to support teachers in integrating strategies that are compassionate, grounded in the values of the community, and support a sense of ease and connection in daily classroom life. 

Our work together can support:

  • More genuine cooperation between teachers and children

  • Parents and teachers understanding each other better 

  • Teachers to integrate their values into practice more smoothly 

  • Reducing power struggles

  • Creating more joy and play in the classroom

  • Children's conflict resolution skills

    • empathy and listening​

    • creative problem solving

    • honesty and direct communication 

My work is multidisciplinary and integrates a variety of approaches and perspectives, including:

  • Compassionate communication (inspired by non-violent communication)

  • Body-based strategies for sensory processing differences and trauma informed practice

  • Commitment to cultivating curiosity and inclusion

  • Nature based skills and connection

  • Mindfulness and presence based practices to build awareness and connection

Please contact me to create a plan for the structure and financial exchange for our work, which varies based on needs. Contracts can include:

  • Classroom visits to observe current dynamics

  • One on one meetings with teachers, parents, and/or kids

  • Developmental and sensory processing assessments of children

  • Support writing up agreements and classroom plans

  • Group meetings with specific members (for example teacher with one family, or a specific group of kids and the teacher etc.)

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