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I have a special love for mothering the mothers. I know that your healing is an important part of the liberation of humanity. Your voice is needed to heal the collective. Your body is a key to healing the body of earth. Your womb is helping birth the new humanity.

In this container, I support you in being nourished, held and reflected in your knowing and strength. We work together to listen to YOUR knowing, and create space for you to act in deeper levels of integrity and healing as a woman, a mother, and a community weaver. 

We hold your prayer for your children (even if they have not yet been born), your healing with them, and your potential for healing your relationship with them. I often also integrate some parent coaching and strategy into sessions- cause sometimes that's what's needed! 

I weave in prayer, water healing, bodywork, Reiki, energy clearing, listening, and ritual to support your healing.

​Sessions are $120 per session, long term packages available at a reduced rate. 

Location: Sessions are done over Zoom. 

" I came to Ashley seeking a supportive space to talk about my entry into motherhood and, more specifically, issues I was having with breastfeeding and getting my baby to sleep. Ashley takes a holistic approach. She is soft and gentle and really takes time to listen. Ashley welcomes and validates all emotions in her sessions. She helps reframe concerns with kindness and love, showing that she truly believes that every mother and baby is capable. Around breastfeeding, Ashley helped me feel more centered in my body. She also encouraged me to pause and consider how my baby was communicating to me through his cries and vocalizations. My son and I are still working on sleep, but with Ashely's words and blessings, I have become more confident about my son's sleep. Ashley is dedicated to supporting every parent and child that she encounters. I highly recommend Ashley's mama love sessions! "

Testimonial from Molly M.

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