Mother and Child

Parent Mentorship

These sessions are designed to help you parent in deeper alignment with your values and also help you have more ease and connection in your daily life with your kids. 

I truly believe that you already have insight and intuition about what you and your child need. I create an open space where you can see things from a more elevated perspective and be supported in learning new skills that make big impacts on the connection with your kids.

I help you with:

  • creating clear and loving boundaries

  • dealing with challenging behaviors like tantrums, whining, hitting

  • transforming power struggles into cooperative communication

  • sleeping and eating challenges

  • sibling relationship dynamics

  • creating family rituals and ceremonies to bring harmony into the home

  • co parenting conversations

  • bringing more play into day to day life

  • finding playful ways to deal with daily challenges

  • raising kids that are kind and thoughtful

  • creating the space you need to rest and take care of yourself

These session often end up including teachings on child development, practical strategies, somatic practices, and for those that interested prayer and connection to spirit. 

Sessions are $120. They happen over phone/zoom. Long term packages at reduced rates available!

Scholarship and sliding scale spots available.