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These online mentoring sessions are offered with the intention to help you take care of kids in deeper alignment with your values and also help you have more ease and connection in your daily life with kids. People often leave sessions feeling way more resourced, calm, and capable than when we started. Parents and teachers report being better able to meet the needs of their children (or the children in their care) and enjoying the kids more. 

My approach acknowledges and uplifts your own inner knowing and intuition while also integrating practical skill building that make big impacts on your connection with kids. During the sessions, I create an open space where you can see the child, yourself, and the possibilities for growth with more clarity. 

I weave in teachings from my training and experience in child development and mental health, compassionate communication, somatic therapy, and spiritual practices. 


What do these sessions help with?

  • creating clear and loving boundaries

  • dealing with challenging behaviors like tantrums, whining, hitting

  • transforming power struggles into cooperative communication

  • sibling relationship dynamics

  • creating family rituals and ceremonies to bring harmony into the home

  • co parenting disagreements

  • raising kids that are kind and thoughtful

  • resolving power struggles about daily routines like eating, toileting, and sleep

  • Creating the space you need to rest and take care of yourself

Who are these sessions for?

I pride myself on being about to meet caregivers exactly where they are from many walks of life. That said, I noticed my work tends to go farthest with people who are:

  • interested in alternative and holistic approaches to education and child rearing

  • deeply committed to taking responsibility for their own part in challenging relational dynamics

  • open to the mysteries of the natural world and spirit

  • interested in alchemizing family dynamics into personal and collective healing

  • open to cultivating connection and wisdom from the body

  • want support balancing giving kids freedom of expression and also having clear boundaries and limits 

Caregiver Support Sessions - $120

  • ​1 hour sessions offered over zoom or telephone 

  • Scholarship and sliding scale spots available on case by case basis

Book a session 

I'll be in touch within a few days to schedule!

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